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Instagram se ha convertido en una gran fuente de inseguridades para muchos de sus usuarios. Así es como estas 4 creadoras de contenido, intentan quitar el velo de la aparente ‘perfección’

Ya son 3 amigas las que me dicen que están haciendo un detox de Instagram en lo que va del mes, y es que la red social se ha convertido en un foco de inseguridades que no parece tener control. En cierta medida, es como si nuestro perfil de instagram fuera nuestro ‘yo’ virtual, y todos quisiéramos que esa identidad cibernética fuera una versión ultra mejorada de nosotros mismos. Esto ha generado que muchos de los usuarios se sientan hastiados de ver los cuerpos, casas, pieles, amigos y vidas perfectas de sus seguidos, puesto que para muchos es imposible dejar de compararse con estos modelos que realmente solo existen en el universo digital.

El impacto que genera este mismo fenómeno a la hora de hablar de influencers es mucho mayor, ya que la cantidad de seguidores hace que se genere una onda expansiva de expectativas y autoestimas bajas. Sin embargo, no se limita a esto, ya he escuchado a alguna amiga hablar de como la vida de tal o cual (algún conocido, no famoso, con cuenta de instagram) es mucho mejor que la de ella y el sentimiento de frustración que causa ver que tantos de sus conocidos parecen llevar vidas ideales.

En el campo de la autopercepción corporal, esto sucede en gran medida, pues estamos pegados todo el día a una red social, basáda en imágenes, en la que casi nadie publica una foto en la que se le ve el gordito o la celulitis. Inmediatamente nuestro cerebro nos dice: «todo el mundo tiene el cuerpo divino, menos tu». Respecto a esto, se ha generado un movimiento que nos encanta y es uno en el que diferentes influencers muestran sus cuerpos en poses poco favorecedoras, y nos enseñan que sus cuerpos nunca fueron perfectos. Cada una hace una reflexión en el caption de las imágenes.

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Aimee Song

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Even at my thinnest, I’ve always had body dysmorphia and was never happy with my body. I’ve had an eating disorder that I’ve never really addressed since I was as young as 10. I remember in high school, when I was a cheerleader I would do all sorts of things so that I could have abs like the girls in my squad. No matter what I did I never had a flat belly. Crazy to think about how hard I tried to get abs even though the lengths I’d go to try to achieve it was so unhealthy! Lately, I’ve had so many people ask if I’m pregnant and pointing out that my face looks so puffy or round. Well, I’m not pregnant. I just gained 15 lbs. I’ve been eating a lot and working out less but for the first time I’m not obsessed about ‘losing the weight’ I’ve gained. For the first time, I started working out cus it makes me feel good not because I want to look a certain way and want to lose weight. For the first time, I have an ass. 🥰 🍑 I can’t stop grabbing my own ass cus I’ve never had that before! 😂 Alongside many other things, I’m working on controlling my binge eating habits with my therapist so I can form a healthier relationship with food. But anyways, I thought of this because I was looking through old bikini photos that I never posted cus I thought I was fat when I was actually skinny!! It’s so crazy! Made me really realize that I have so much work to do to love myself and my body.

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Danae Mercer

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What you see vs what you don’t / or shoutout to all my gals trying to LOVE themselves, because that stuff is HARD sometimes. Especially with SOCIAL MEDIA And all those picture perfect moments staring right back at us. BOTH of these snaps are me. And both are worthy. And both are great. But sometimes, Sometimes, I still struggle with the one on the right. The one where my cellulite shows. And my belly rolls and my skin folds — something it’s doing more now that I’m getting older. But that struggle? That quiet internal battle? That’s ok. That’s human. The diet industry is strong and powerful, And it’s got some $72 billion behind it. Plus so many of us women are told our worth sits in the way we look, A line that we’re fed from the time we’re little girls. So yeah. SELF LOVE is complex And change won’t happen overnight. But we can start. We can try. We can step out on the beach and POSE to our lil heart’s content then RELAX will full belly laughs and happy squishy bodies. Or wear those shorts. Or try that Polefit class. We can celebrate our bodies for ALL that they are and all they do, Even as we open ourselves up to the real, glorious glow-up of SELF LOVE. We can shoutout each other along the way. Women empowering women, Even as we learn to celebrate ourselves. We can. You got this. x Photo @chiclebelle je l’adore. #selflove #selfacceptance #instavsreality #angles #posing

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Elisabeth Rioux

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Reminder I’m just like everyone, different but still human 🦋 Whenever I choose photos of myself, I tend to post my favorite ones, the ones that makes me look my best. It feels the same as when I put a nice outfit on or create a cute makeup look, but at the end of the day I still appreciate my big sweaters & jogging even tho that’s not THE outfit that makes me feel hot 🤷🏼‍♀️ what I’m trying to say is that even if we tend to share our best photos on social media, the reality is that we’re all humans, it’s ok to do that cause it can makes us feel good about ourselves but we have to stay realistic and show both sides 🌸 I’m not gonna lie and say I love my after pregnancy extra skin and that I think it looks super pretty, but I’m not gonna be an hypocrite either saying it makes me feel insecure and that I hate myself. Tbh, I really just don’t mind, I appreciate myself both ways cause both are me. It doesn’t make me feel hot but it doesn’t make me feel disgusting either, I just feel human and love the story behind it. With time, I’ve learned that loving yourself isnt about LOVING everything, it’s about makes the most of what we love and accept what bothers us ❤️ hope you got what I meant, wanted to make sure you still know about both sides of me and even more after seeing your comments on my post yesterday, it’s really nice of you and overwhelming but wanted to make sure you know 🌿 love love

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